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Stone-Storm™- Blue

Stone-Storm™- Blue

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The Stone-Storm™ brings an affordable new dimension of luxury and creates a positive impact on your health that pays for itself. By combining H20 TurboCharge technology and water saving nozzle micro pinholes, the 3 mode replacement shower head compacts water through a two stage process, a purifying ionic filter and mineral balls – delivering up to 200% more water pressure, soothing away aches, tension and mental fatigue at a 30% reduced water cost.

Improves water pressure by 200% and saves up to 35% water

Our Shower Head is equipped with 180 tiny laser-cut water holes, resulting in luxurious high pressure water while still looking after the environment by saving as much as 35% water.

Saving the environment, while saving money at the same time.

Softer, healthier skin


Thanks to its award winning design with special mineral balls, it purifies the water and makes your hair and skin look as vibrant as possible.

Our Negative Ion Mineral Balls reduce fatigue, eliminates flaky skin, & improves hydration & cell regeneration.


Helps reduces bacteria and dangerous chemicals

When showering we breathe dangerous chemicals & absorb them through our skin.

Our filtered shower helps reducer bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine & fluoride, resulting in improved circulation, immunity, energy levels, mental clarity & overall wellness.